Noelle + Alex | Colorado National Monument Engagement Grand Junction

It was New Year's Eve when Noelle and Alex met for the first time, so it seemed perfectly fitting for them to celebrate their engagement just after the New Year in 2020. Noelle and Alex chose the amazing Colorado National Monument as the setting for their session and brought their fur baby along for the ride in his finest puppy attire.

It was a freezing cold afternoon when we met, and a cool atmospheric mist had settled into the monument making it look like another world. The drive was beautiful through the mist and changing light, even though you couldn't see past the road and would never know there was a giant cliff on one side of you.

When we pulled into the parking area, the steps to the overlook were a solid sheet of ice, so instead we stuck to the road and ran into a herd of Big Horn Sheep who decided to be photo bombers and creepily followed us around for a while.

After we scared our animal stalkers away, Noelle and Alex and their pup were all snuggles and giggles and somehow managed to keep each other warm until my fingers were so frozen I couldn't push my shutter button. Noelle and Alex cracked me up, and Noelle admitted one of the favorite things she loves about her fiance is his "inappropriate sense of humor." It's the best kind, if you ask me! They kept each other laughing and having fun in the moment, and even made a nod to Alex's other love in life, in his words, "softball IS life." Congratulations Noelle and Alex, I can't wait to celebrate you both at your wedding this year!

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