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I'm Engaged! What next?? What to do after you get engaged, and how to start wedding planning

You're Engaged! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! He got down on one knee, gave you a beautiful ring, and now your life is about to change in the best way. After all the jumping up and down, happy dancing, tears and endorphins, the reality of having to actually plan a wedding might start to bring you down from your engagement euphoria. You've found the love of your life, you want so badly to be married.... but where do you start???

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You are probably so excited that you want to get right to wedding planning, but take some time to enjoy the feeling and let it all soak in. Make phone calls to your family and friends to tell them you are engaged, sit and stare at the ring on your finger, plan a getaway, or some romantic date nights with your fiance, and spend this time focusing on the amazing relationship that got you here in the first place. When you have some free time, sit down together to think about how you want your wedding day to feel. Do you want it to be romantic and intimate? Or fun and relaxed? Maybe you just want to throw the biggest party of your lives. Come up with three words that describe how you both want your wedding day to feel, and look back to these words to guide the decisions you make about your wedding day. This is also a great time to start a wedding Pinterest board and save anything that catches your eye so you can go back to it later when you are looking for ideas and inspiration.

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Get help! No one wants the stress of planning a wedding alone. Remember, it is supposed to be FUN. If your significant other isn't really into it, recruit someone else who will be all in on everything from favors to flower arrangements. Sorry, your mom who got married in the pre-Pinterest age might not be the best resource. Your friend who got married last year... yes! Or a wedding planner who does this all day every day.... even better!!!

If there was one thing I would have changed about my wedding, it would be having a planner or a day-of coordinator to take the stress off of my shoulders. Wedding planners know the ins and outs of weddings, and they have great relationships with other wedding vendors in your area, so they can guide you to the DJs, caterers, venues, bakers, and florists who will be a great fit and make your day amazing. Hiring a wedding planner is like having a best friend who is an expert on weddings and has no care in the world except making your wedding day perfect. If there is any way to make it work with your budget, spend it on a planner, you will be happy you did.

Are you getting married in Colorado? Here are a few of my favorite planners to check out!

April Marie Events:

Love Letter Events:

Blossom Design:

PICK A DATE.... and stick with it!

This may seem simple, but this one step will make it all seem real. If you and your fiance have a favorite season, that is a great way to decide your wedding date. Do you want it to be on a weekend so everyone can travel and come? Or if you want to save on your budget, consider a weekday when many venues and vendors will offer a discount. You may need to be a little flexible with your date if you have a specific venue in mind, as they may already be booked for several weekends.

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