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Stacie + Chris | Loma Wedding Photography Super Hero Country

Stacie and Chris brought all their friends together in the beautiful country setting of Loma, Colorado to celebrate their wedding day. The celebration took place in front of a freshly cut field with beautiful mountains to one side and the gorgeous setting sun to the other. The pair marched down to the aisle to their favorite video game song from Zelda, and included a few nods to their super hero favorites with mismatched cuff links and tie tacks for the groomsmen. The ladies were even more excited to spot the brightly colored robes that showed off their unique personalities.

The bridal party arranged their own bouquets using wood flowers found on Etsy, and the dessert table was graced with a beautiful spread by Bakin' Kate. DJ Max Ryan played the night away while guests enjoyed visiting the photo booth by Go Poze Photos, and Chris and his fraternity brothers celebrated the night with his beautiful bride Stacie and her lovely ladies.

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