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Brandi + David | Grand Junction Wedding Photography Grand Mesa Thunder Mountain Lodge

It wasn't the shortest path for Brandi and David to get here, but they would tell you it was worth every step of the way. Everything about their wedding was intensely personal, from the gifts they exchanged before the ceremony (hers was a new vanity she had always wanted, his was a photo book made just for him) to the photos of the guests' weddings hanging from the ceiling. Every detail was unique as Brandi scoured antique shops around the area in search of the perfect decorations to bring a sense of history to their day.

The location was also perfect for the couple as they chose a place atop the Grand Mesa where their family has had other weddings, celebrations and even final resting places. The family took over the cabins of Thunder Mountain Lodge to hold their celebration among the pines, river views and open skies.

Brandi and David exchanged the vows they wrote one another under the open sky, hers included Disney quotes and his thanked her profusely for "...the laundry, the dishes, the cleaning, the laundry....." and for being a wonderful mother.

After the ceremony, the families toasted the couple and celebrated under the stars with delicious BBQ and beautifully detailed treats made by the bride's mother Julli. Then they danced the night away in celebration of -finally- being exactly where they should be - together.

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